Who We Are

The Professional Football Players Mothers Association (a.k.a. PFPMA) is a national 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and the official national football players mothers association.  We are comprised of phenomenal mothers, or those who serve that role in a player's life, of active and retired professional football players.  We are here to create a support system and information network by providing a membership association that address the needs and concerns that are specific to the business of professional football.   

PFPMA is an organization that will keep you engaged through educational and empowering resources and programs that provide information to help you navigate the pathways of the business of football to help families build a strong foundation for success. 

Our mission is to serve, support, educate, and strengthen our communities through charitable giving.

The NFL’s powerful sisterhood of moms is a compass that guides and provides support through every stage of the NFL journey.
"In this world of NFL celebrity and expectations, everyone is looking for something. It can be a disassociating space
and you need that support. PFPMA's mission is to help charge that battery not drain that battery."
Gwendolyn V. Jenkins, PFPMA President