On Sunday, December 14, 1997, twelve mothers of professional football players met to discuss the possibility of forming a national association to support each other and our player sons.  It was determined that there was no mechanism to provide information to mothers whose sons were new to professional football, and that such an association would be beneficial. Preliminary attempts were made to identify mothers who would work on the organizing committee.  After making initial contacts, a meeting was held in New York on March 15, 1998 and subsequently in Colorado with fifteen mothers participating.  The mothers reached a consensus and thereby the Professional Football Players Mothers Association (PFPMA) was born.

The Association specially honors the Founding Members who participated in one or more of the 1998 organizational meetings for their vision in creating this organization.



We are a national 501(c)3 non-profit corporation comprised of mothers, or those who serve that role in a player’s life, of active and retired professional football players.  We are here to create a support system and information network for mothers of professional football players by providing a membership association to address specific needs, concerns, that are specific to the experience and business of football.   Our broad goal is to help support mothers understand and navigate the business of  football and build a strong foundation of support for success.  


The Professional Football Players Mothers Association is to be a support system for the mothers of professional football players and to serve, support and strengthen our communities through charitable giving.


The Professional Football Players Mothers Association vision is transforming lives through serving, supporting and strengthening our communities.


To support our sons, as professional football players, other professional football players and those that may aspire to join that profession, and the families of professional football players through charitable and educational initiatives. 


Support, Success & Service